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ESDF: Ronneby Airport
ESFA: Hässleholm Bokeberg Airport
ESGG: Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport (Default Airport)
ESGJ: Jönköping Airport
ESGP: Gothenburg City Airport
ESGT: Trollhättan-Vänersborg Airport
ESGV: Varberg Getterön airfield
ESKM: Mora Airport
ESKN: Stockholm Skavsta Airport
ESMK: Kristianstad Airport
ESMQ: Kalmar Airport (Default Airport)
ESMS: Malmö Sturup Airport (Default Airport)
ESMT: Halmstad Airport
ESMX: Växjö Kronoberg Airport
ESND: Sveg Airport
ESNG: Gällivare Airport
ESNL: Lycksele Airport
ESNN: Sundsvall-Härnösand Airport
ESNO: Örnsköldsvik Airport
ESNQ: Kiruna Airport
ESNR: Orsa Airport
ESNS: Skellefteå Airport
ESNU: Umeå Airport
ESNV: Vilhelmina Airport
ESNX: Arvidsjaur Airport
ESNZ: Östersund Airport
ESOE: Örebro Airport
ESOK: Karlstad Airport
ESOW: Stockholm Västerås Airport
ESPA: Luleå Airport
ESSA: Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (Default Airport)
ESSB: Stockholm-Bromma Airport
ESSD: Borlange Airport
ESSE: Skå-Edeby Airport
ESSK: Gävle Sandviken Airport
ESSL: Linköping City Airport (Default Airport)
ESSP: Norrköping Airport (Default Airport)
ESST: Torsby Airport
ESSU: Eskilstuna Airport
ESSV: Visby Airport (Default Airport)
ESTA: Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport (Default Airport)
ESTT: Vellinge Airfield
ESUE: Idre Airport
ESUH: Myran Airport
ESUT: Hemavan Airport
ESVB: Bunge Private Airport

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